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Qardia provides in hospital clinical support to Victorian patients, doctors, hospitals and medical device companies. 

Additionally, we provide Australia wide home monitoring services for patients with implantable cardiac devices. With our vendor neutral cloud-based software for remote rhythm management, you are receiving unbiased patient focused care. 

For Cardiologists interested in our remote monitoring services, Qardia works with your staff to support continuous monitoring for your patients. Our team delivers timely data and provides concise user-friendly reporting in an intuitive secure platform. Our goal is to make you and your practice as efficient as possible, whilst providing the best patient experience. By education, feedback and consistent communication, we can ensure the highest levels of remote monitoring compliance for your practice. 

Who are Qardia?

I completed a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science at Swinburne University before beginning work at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne as a Cardiac Physiologist and Vascular Sonographer. After completing training, I moved to London for work and travel. I worked at St Mary’s Hospital as a Senior Cardiac Physiologist for several years. This was an amazing experience. I was provided full autonomy to oversee a complex cardiac device clinic with more than 2000 patients, order cardiac tests, work with GP clinics and provide patient education. 

After returning from the UK, I commenced work within the medical device industry for 8 years as a clinical sales representative for Electrophysiology (the treatment of heart rhythm disorders) and Cardiac Devices. During this time, I completed both the International Board of Heart Rhythm Examiners Electrophysiology and Cardiac Exams, performing in the top 3% worldwide. I then started a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Healthcare Management at Deakin University. Throughout various roles, I have conducted many lectures and training courses for postgraduate nursing programs, cardiologists, emergency physicians, anaesthetists and paramedics. The primary focus has been to explain the complexities of implantable cardiac devices and the mechanisms and treatments of cardiac arrhythmias. With a strong clinical and technical background, I can convey difficult information in a succinct manner to various audiences. 
I am passionate about travel, research, cardiac arrhythmias and technological advancements in healthcare. Having worked both locally and internationally, I have a strong understanding of the healthcare industry, health informatics and the future landscape of healthcare.

Having noticed the changes over the years, lack of clinical support and the constant interaction between medical device companies and the healthcare system, I decided to start Qardia. I want to ensure that patients and doctors receive unbiased clinical support.

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Qardia, partnering with Response For Life to help save lives.

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We work with you and your Cardiologist to ensure your implantable cardiac device is completely monitored.

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