Remote monitoring for Pacemakers, Defibrillators, Loop Monitors

Remote Monitoring allows us to communicate with your cardiac implant device and alert your Cardiologist if there are changes in your heart rhythm.

Remote monitoring makes looking after your cardiac device simple. Instead of having to attend every appointment in person, information stored on your cardiac device can be accessed from the comfort of your own home. You will still be required to attend appointments every now and again, however remote monitoring ensures you’re still being cared for between these.

You will likely have noticed that your cardiac device came with a home monitor. This home monitor is paired to your device, and your device only. When a remote download from this home monitor occurs, the information stored is sent to your Cardiologist. Your cardiac device is there to regulate your heart rhythms, provide lifesaving treatment if required, and record other essential information for your Cardiologist to review. Remote monitoring means you and your Cardiologist can best manage your cardiac health, together. 

Examples of information recorded by your device

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How it works

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Remote monitoring keeps you connected with your doctor in between clinic visits. It’s good for you and your doctor.

Why use Qardia?

“Industry (medical device companies) should refrain from direct patient care, either within the clinic or at home and should not perform, collect or triage data”

 – Heart Rhythm Society guidelines 2015

At Qardia we put patients first. Medical device companies make lifesaving equipment and their continued innovation is inspiring. However, they should not be integral to daily patient care.

Qardia is a team of highly trained Cardiac Physiologists with significant experience in remote monitoring services. We were created out of a desire to provide a better patient and doctor experience. 

Most remote monitoring services (including those performed by sales representatives) only operate during business hours. Up to 51% of remote monitoring alerts are sent outside of business hours. These alerts may require device setting changes, medication review or just a patient phone call. Qardia is Australia’s first 24/7 remote alert management system.

Qardia is an intermediary between you, your device and your doctor. We don’t intend to change the doctor patient relationship; we just aim to make it more efficient. We ensure all information is reviewed, analysed and actioned. We are your partner in heart care. 

One morning I received an automatic transmission from an elderly gentleman who had received 6 shocks from his implantable defibrillator. The last shock was successful in terminating his lethal arrhythmia and restoring normal rhythm.

After receiving the transmission of this episode, I called the patient who was completely unaware of his shocks. We arranged for him to get an ambulance into hospital where tests showed he was in the middle of a severe heart attack. A few hours later he was having surgery to remove a major blockage in his artery.

This patient was lucky I received this transmission during business hours, or his outcome may not have been the same. Without his cardiac device, the remote monitoring, and the timely response to this transmission, he may not be here to tell the tale today.

My aim is simple; to ensure all cardiac patients, regardless of the time of day, receive the same standard of care. This is why I started Qardia 24/7 remote monitoring.

Learn about the Clinical Benefits of Remote Monitoring

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We work with you and your Cardiologist to ensure your implantable cardiac device is completely monitored.

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