Donate a defib

Qardia is partnering with Response For Life in an initiative called "Donate A Defib".

This initiative was designed to help provide as many Automated External Defibrillators (AED) to the local community. As patients using Qardia's services, some of you may have been saved by life threatening conditions by a member of the community. Your donation, big or small, will help contribute to get as many defibrillators out into the community and help save lives.

Response for Life are a registered non-profit organisation with the goal to reduce the number of Sudden Cardiac Death victims. Their purpose is to give Australians the equipment and confidence to help each other in an emergency Sudden Cardiac Arrest situation.

About Sudden Cardiac Arrest

  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest is an emergency condition where a person’s heart suddenly stops beating or beats in a chaotic rhythm (ventricular fibrillation) which doesn’t produce any cardiac output.
  • This rhythm if untreated will cause the patient to become unconscious and collapse. They will be unresponsive, stop breathing or not breath normally (gasping noises, irregular breathing)
  • Immediate CPR and Defibrillation is required. Defibrillation aims to reset the chaotic heart rhythm.
  • Their chance of survival decreases by 10% for every minute treatment is delayed.
  • Chances of survival are significantly more likely when a bystander performs CPR and uses an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) until emergency help arrives.

Your donations will go towards the Complete Defibrillator package including:

  • LIFEPAK CR2 Essential Defibrillator. Fully automatic.
  • 8-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Adult & Child Pads (child mode button)
  • Battery
  • Prep Kit
  • Bag/Case
  • AED & Basic Life Support Sign
  • Defibrillator Wall Cabinet
  • Training & Resources
Defibrillator image

Feel Like Joining In & Want To Donate?

Head to the Response For Life website to make your donation.

Please use QARDIA as a reference when donating so we can inform our community of the success of this program.

** Response For Life Australia Ltd is a registered charity with the ACNC (Australian Charities & Not-for-profit Commission).